Ghostwriter prices simply explained

Ghostwriter awards are measured by the experience and qualifications of the author. In addition, the requirements for the template to be created are an important price criterion. If you have your bachelor thesis or master’s thesis written by a ghostwriter with years of experience and an academic degree, this is of course reflected in the ghostwriter costs.

These are also geared to the topic, type, scope and timeframe of the scientific work. The specifications of the customer are decisive for the calculation. As different as each order is accordingly the pricing. However, as a rough guideline ghostwriter you can quote prices per page of about CHF 90 (excluding taxes).

Consider this only as a guide for ghostwriter prices, as they vary from case to case. Accordingly, the ghostwriter prices of a master’s thesis are higher than the ghostwriter prices of a term paper or term paper due to the university’s claim. If you have already done preliminary work, this is of course included in the price calculation.

The offer I made does not include any hidden costs. It includes all directories and correction loops that we perform until you are 100 percent satisfied. Editing and proofreading are already included in the price. You also have the option of paying in previously agreed rates.

Summarizing the criteria to be considered in the calculation of academic ghostwriters Prizes: experience and qualifications of the ghostwriter, topic, type and extent of the template to be prepared, preliminary work done and the deadline for submission.

Outstanding quality and fair ghostwriter prices

My concern is to address customers with superior quality and not low ghostwriter prices. As a long-time writer I bring along a diploma in economics and a substantial and noteworthy work experience in the field of scientific ghostwriting.

To emphasize here is my great passion for writing scientific work that has become a passion. After more than five years I still have the same fun in my job as at the beginning of my job.

I keep up to date with my extensive and sound technical knowledge and regularly inform myself about changes in the higher education landscape. The templates I have prepared are exclusively literary works in the field of economics.

The sample works or templates meet all conditions that grant a very good existence at a university. However, I am also happy to help you with empirical research, such as the creation and analysis of guideline-based interviews.

In addition, you have the opportunity to take advantage of my scientific coaching to assist you in completing your thesis. In addition to the basics of scientific work, I also teach you techniques of literature research and to overcome writer’s block.

Beware of cheap ghostwriter costs!

My agency’s ghostwriting costs are based on my excellent university education and the knowledge and skills that I acquired during my professional life. My most important features are a reliable and clean way of working as well as punctuality and flexibility.

Due to the quality claim, to which I have committed myself, all work is checked until I can give you a faultless result. Both the research and the careful adaptation of the formal requirements to the individual requirements of the customer require time, which must be considered in the ghostwriter costs.

Particularly in the academic field, professional and high quality work has its price. Unfortunately, there are now many “black sheep” in the industry, which can lure you with cheap ghostwriter prices and commonly referred to as fraudsters.

That a ghostwriter price per page of less than GBP 50 can not be the reward for a qualified academic should be clear to anyone. Experience has shown that working with such agencies can have fatal consequences if you receive a shipment at all.

Most of the work from various sources on the Internet are copied together and thus contain plagiarism, the consequences of which range from a new production of the work to the de-registration.